Sunday, December 14, 2008

And so it begins. . .

To begin with the introductions, there's Layne. She's always enjoyed finding and trying new recipes. And, honestly, her knack for finding great recipes is amazing. Her food is often tasty but she also has her hits and misses. Over the last six months or so she has become addicted to lurking on food blogs. The idea to start her own food blog did not come too much later but alas, she knew that she would never be motivated enough to do it on her own.

And then there's Kristen. She's an amazing cook. Not only are her creations very yummy, but she also manages to make them look beautiful. She has the artistic streak in her that Layne lacks. Layne can make it taste great but Kristen can do that and make it look amazing. She throws and caters amazing parties. People come for the food. So Layne proceeded to tell Kristen about the wonderful world of food-blogging and convince her (as a fellow foodie) to join her in starting a blog of their own.


Both of us have our own quirks that make us unique and yet we are also very similar. It is probably why we make such good friends, huh? Both of us share a love of food--whether it's cooking, eating out, or hosting a get-together. And we both describe ourselves as unabashed foodies. We have other things in common too. We are very smart (well, we are), independent, organized, motivated, and we are both are self-professed "Type A Personalities" (again, unabashedly).

And funnily enough we share one more, very important trait--an all-consuming hatred of raw tomatoes. Not all tomatoes... marinara is good, ketchup is great, even sun-dried tomatoes can be tasty. But raw, gooey tomatoes on a salad? No way! BLT? B and L are fine but hold the "T," please! Salsa? Great! Pico de gallo? Yuck! In short, you will
find no raw tomatoes here. Stewed tomatoes tend to be out, too. Wherever we go, it's always, "hold the tomatoes." So it seemed like an appropriate motto and title for our blog. Tomatoes (if included in the original recipe) may be mentioned but they will always be optional.

Finally, we don't exactly know where this blog will take us. The goal and focus are still undetermined. Recipes will be shared and reviewed, for sure. There will probably be restaurant reviews and maybe even cookbook reviews. Maybe there will even be some party planning. Most topics will likely center around food, but some real-life may be thrown in for good measure as well. For now, we will
leave you with an infamous recipe (in both Layne's and Kristen's household). This recipe is for a cookie that is so delicious, it is addictive (hence the name) and wonderfully simple. Enjoy!

Crack Cookies
1 Box of chocolate cake mix**
1 large egg
2 1/4 cups Cool Whip

powdered sugar (for rolling)

Mix all ingredients together well on medium speed. Warning: batter will be very stiff and sticky (almost taffy-like). Drop batter, by the teaspoon, into powdered sugar and roll into a small ball. Place, 2" apart, on un-greased cookie sheet and bake at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes, or until just barely set.

**(any flavor can be used, but chocolate is amazing)

These cookies are amazing. Think brownie batter, in cookie form. Try them, you'll love 'em!

~Layne and Kristen~


  1. Can I just say that I have found my soul-mate in blog form? I, too, share a hatred of all things resembling raw tomatoes. I can't wait to see what you two come up with!!

  2. Welcome to the fold! It's nice to have you join us in our total rejection of raw tomato evil-ness. :-)

  3. Me too!!! Hate 'em!!!! Oh to know that I have raw tomato soul mates. Sigh. The world is a better place :)